Grandfather Arturo always said remembered cultivating the earth you will always know what you eat and above all what you drink

The passion for grappa is handed down to us by our families of contatidine very tied to our territory

Our grandparents as many peasants in the area emigrated to Turin in the years of economic bunny, my maternal grandfather who had been educated to work the land since childhood was decided to move to Turin in search of fortune and was hired by the Fiat.

But his real PASSION WAS WORKING THE EARTH, every weekend he came home to his country of origin to give a hand to work the land in particular the vineyards, and the garden which also served as family support, I remember that I he always said, remember "that by cultivating your land you will always know what you drink and what you eat".


For my family, distilling the vine at the end of harvest is a tradition, indeed for my grandfather a ritual that can not be missed.

My most beautiful memories as I think for many, are those related to vendemia, especially after crushing, where by now the work was finished the family gathered for lunch or dinner, for us it was a big party where there was always wine and grappa .

As in all the peasant families it was always used to have a dinner to which my family invited all those who had helped us in vengeance, for me it was a beautiful party to see all those people at the grandparents' house, grandmother, mother and some her friends busy preparing, I always felt those fragrances related to our land reported in their dishes, I remember that almost always cooked the Bagna Cauda a dish typical of our areas.

My grandfather on the porch with his alembic that distilled abused the exhausted vinaccie, like many farmers in the area, then the grappa was almost a ritual at the end of vendemia for us Piedmontese.

In fact, at the end of those mega ducks that always happened almost like a ritual on November 4 the day of San Carlo my grandfather offered everyone the grappa distilled in those days.

And from here that I in agreement with my father we decided to call it St. Charles and produce it in that portico that for generations and generations my family produced grappa.